Silver Brick is a sales consulting firm specializing in helping organizations reach their full revenue potential. Our goal is to help every company we work with to become extremely proficient at selling.  We focus on helping companies understand and execute the “basic” of selling and expand from there. Our approach is hands-on. We build an approach to selling that is specific for your clients and company while you look over our shoulder to learn from our experience.  When our engagement is over we expect you to have an extremely capable sales organization that drives consistent revenue growth.

Silver Brick Values

Our values define us and our business. We strive to become a respected partner not just a service provider. We cannot be all things to all people and hence we focus on our core area of expertise and shy away from a one size fits all approach.


We meet our commitments to our clients. We hold fast to what we say we will deliver and when. We don’t commit to doing what we can’t do and we hold our colleagues and our clients to that same level of commitment.  ​


We value open and clear communication. All real relationships have conflict. However, we believe that if we clearly communicate throughout our working relationship that there is no conflict that cannot be resolved and no goals we can’t accomplish together.  ​


We believe that only through honesty can we have a trust-based relationship. Honesty opens a world of possibilities of how we can better serve our clients and gives us insight into where we have missed the mark. No long term business relationship can survive without trust and honesty is the basis to develop that trust.  ​


We believe in always doing what’s right for the client in a way that is steeped in a set of ethical principles. The revenue we earn is secondary to providing value in a way that reflects our principles to the client. At all times, ethical value creation is at the top of our mind. If it doesn’t add value in an ethical way we don’t do it. It’s that simple.  ​

Giving Back

Not all work can or should be monetized. Sometimes businesses simply need help. We share our expertise. We share our time. We want our reputation to be grounded by our willingness to say yes when asked for help.