We work with strategic partners that are as serious about sales as we are. Having great partners is critical to our clients success and hence we work with some of the best sales experts in the business.

Ecsell Institute

Sales Leader Coaching
Research continually proves that the performance of a team is a reflection of how that team is coached, yet there is little understanding of what sales leader coaching activities, tools and behaviors most move the performance needle. Sales leaders want to help their teams grow, but most sales departments don’t employ a sales coaching methodology or a management process that can be tracked and measured for effectiveness. Sales coaching and management is not a soft skill, but one that when properly executed and measured, produces hard metrics and performance improvement information. No longer do senior sales leaders have to “hope” their management team is doing all the activities that most impact sales.

With the help of Ecsell Institute we provide growth solutions to sales departments by focusing on and working only with sales leaders, not sales producers.

Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner’s mission is to put people first—by providing a CRM solution that empowers them, gives them real business insight, to enjoy and have fun using! We are implementers of Pipeliner CRM. As one of the most easy to use and simple to implement CRM systems on the market we can help you deploy CRM with your own business rules in less than 30 days.