Your Challenge - Hiring a High-Performing Sales Manager

The difference between a high-performing sales organization and an average performing one often times comes down to the sales manager. Research suggests that the sales manager’s ability to build processes, coach, set goals and drive accountability makes a larger impact to sales performance than any other single factor.

Having a professional sales manager has been shown to have a significant impact on sales team effectiveness and overall sales performance by as much as 23%. However, recruiting and hiring a full-time professional sales manager is a daunting task and can be a risky and expensive proposition.

Our Sales Management Solution

We are professional sales managers that work for you on a “fractional” basis. We bring years of industry experience as sales leaders helping companies build consistent, sustainable, high-performing sales organizations. As your head of sales we are engineers more than consultants. We don’t teach sales theory. We start building the processes and tools you need from day one while leading and coaching your sales team. We help you refine your sales goals and build a strategy along with an executable plan to ensure you meet those goals.

  • Cost effective: Get a highly experienced resource for a fraction of the cost - a "fractional sales manager".
  • Expedient: “Instant on” – immediate access to focus on growth – Now!
  • Low risk: No hiring process, limited contracts.
  • Current: Advisors utilizing best-known methods from across diverse industries.
  • Experience: Diverse and extensive sales leadership experience – no career consultants.

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