Your Challenge - Having a Sales Manager Who Effectively Coaches

Nothing impacts the success of your sales team like coaching. Data from our partner EcSell Institute ( indicates that sales managers who effectively coach their team will generate up to 20% more sales than those who aren’t coaching well. The ability of your sales leader to coach effectively will have more impact on a sales team than any other set of activities. To coach well the sales managers must understand what activities impact team performance. However, this simply isn’t enough. Once a sales manager knows what to do, the next question is how do I do it more effectively. A sales manager coaching at an elevated level of quality but at inconstant intervals holds back the performance of the sales team. Quantity of coaching (how frequently) is equally important.

Our Sales Manager Coaching Solution

We build high performing sales coaches. We provide the training, tools and tracking mechanism to ensure that your sales managers are improving, not hindering, the performance of their sales team. Again, research through our partner EcSell Institute reports that 50% of sales managers are knowingly executing less than 48% of the high-performance coaching activities that drive the most sales results. We help sales organizations prepare their sales managers to become extremely effective sales coaches where they significantly impact the revenue of their team. Through our Sales Coaching Academy, your sales managers will learn how sales coaching drives team performance, the high-impact activities and how to execute those activities. Through our ONE-UP Coaching Cloud, you will have full visibility on how well and how often they implement what they learn and the direct tie to revenue. Sales coaching matters, and we enable sales managers to do it well and do it often.

  • Research based: No theory here. We base our coaching academy on research. We know the what, when and how of sales coaching. This lowers your risk of investing in another “training program.”
  • Sales Manager Focused: We specialize in sales leaders and we don’t do sales training. Your sales leaders get a program built just for them to quickly increase team performance.
  • Consistent: Never one and done. We provide continual coaching support throughout your client relationship.
  • Accountability: We track and measure coaching effectiveness and how it impacts team performance. Sales coaching becomes a “hard” metric that can be improved because it can be measured. This changes the sales manager conversation and gives your organization visibility into how coaching improves performance.

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