Your Challenge - Hiring the Right Salespeople

Regardless of the statistics you read, it's clear salesperson turnover is high. Finding, hiring and retaining salespeople is challenging for every business. Sales is the engine for your business, as “nothing happens until someone sells something.” Due to the cost (both direct and indirect) of hiring the “wrong” sales person, it’s a risk that most businesses can’t afford.

Having a systematic approach to your hiring process is critical to ensure you minimize the risk of hiring a salesperson that isn’t a fit or simply can’t perform to your expectations. By having an approach starting well before the interview process begins and doesn’t end until you have a salesperson successfully onboard, you are less likely to make a costly mistake in your hiring process.

Our Sales Recruiting Solution

We work with you from the minute you decide you need to expand your sales team. We walk you through our unique process that begins with helping you build the right sourcing and selection criteria and ends with a post-onboarding assessment. We are with you at each step in between, including the interview process, the offer, and the negotiation. We ensure that you make the right hire. That’s our guarantee.

  • Sales Specialists: We only build teams of salespeople and sales managers (no generalist recruiters).
  • Experience: We have successfully hired over 100 sales people; we know how to avoid the interview “sale.”
  • Comprehensive: We don’t do “sourcing”; we use a unique, systematic approach that greatly minimizes the risk of hiring the “wrong” person.
  • Cost effective: We are competitive and often less expensive than “general recruiters.”
  • Guaranteed: We guarantee your sales hire with a 90-day assessment.

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