We believe every organization can become effective and efficient at selling. Focusing on both the art and science of selling, we help you build a sustainable sales organization that delivers consistent results quarter after quarter and year after year.

The Silver Brick Process

Business Discovery

We engage in a thorough and systematic process to understand your business objectives. Next, Silver Brick assists you in defining the most critical issues preventing you from reaching your revenue goals. We subsequently engage key members of your team to ensure we have an accurate picture of your company and that we are aligned on the areas of focus.

Building a Strategy

We then build a strategy with tactics to address the critical roadblocks. Detailed milestones are agreed upon and we set realistic yet aggressive timelines to achieve our strategy. We solicit feedback and “socialize” the strategy to ensure alignment because “secret strategies” are ineffective. Silver Brick then identifies your most important performance indicators to measure results.

Sales Team Results

During our engagement we become part of your team. No matter if we are helping you build process, infrastructure and tools to become a high-performing sales organization of simply recruiting top sales talent we are in it with you. We join your team to ensure that the identified tactics are fully implemented and the strategy for growth achieved. We don’t create strategy and walk away. Our deliverable isn’t 120 pages in a binder. We work with you and your team side-by-side, adjusting as necessary and taking accountability for the results.